Cleaning your car is no big deal; at least that’s what most people think. But, in fact, there is so much to it than what people believe; and that is exactly why people take their cars to be cleaned by professionals. However, we’re going to show you here that you can clean your car like a pro too, and the only thing you need to do in order to be able to do that is to read this article and follow the 10 tips we are going to present to you here.

1 – Evaluate Both the Interior and the Exterior

You can’t just wash the car from the outside; it needs to be washed inside as well. And in order to do that properly, you first have to conduct an inspection and evaluation of the interior and the exterior of your vehicle. It is always best to start with the interior, and if you can’t do the exterior right away, do not worry; you can do it the next day.

2 – Start by Cleaning the Carpets

This should be done with compressed air and the stiff scrub. So, blow the dirt away with the compressed air, and then use the stiff brushes to loosen the dirt from the carpets.

3 – Clean the Tires with Non-Acid Based Products

Due to the fact that the acid based products tend to make the bare alloy wheels pit and oxidize and cause damage to the clear coating, they should be avoided. The wheels should be cleaned with degreasers, but not detergents.

4 – Hand Wash the Car!

This allows you to feel the shape of the vehicle, but also to get familiar and inspect all the car’s surfaces. Don’t use the detergent here either, because it can strip any protective best car wax, which makes the surface of the vehicle exposed. Carwash solution is the best way to go.

5 – Clean Paint is Bright and Sunny

Sometimes, the bird droppings can make their way into the clear coating and get under the color. The best way to inspect if your car surface needs some cleaning is to run your hand across it – if it’s rough, you’ll need to do some cleaning. You can do this chemically or physically. You can use paint cleaner to remove the old wax and clean the surface. Or, you could try rubbing a small chunk of paint cleaning clay mixed in with some liquid wax. However, this requires either a machine or a trained professional.

6 – Smooth the Paint by Polishing

Try doing this with an oscillating machine for polishing, which quickens the work, but could damage the paint.

7 – Use Wax to Protect the Paint

Wax is something that can protect your car’s surface from the elements, but also from any physical harm. Just apply it to the vehicle’s surface, but make sure you choose the one you work best with: the wax paste or the liquid wax. Also, professionals use two coats of wax, so get ready for a real workout.

8 – Wax the Car Every Season

In order to have a highly protective wax, you must wax the car every season. Make sure you add a real coat of wax and not just a little something on a crack or a scratch of the surface. Try tossing a towel on your car; if it slides off, you don’t need a coat, but if it doesn’t, apply another coat of wax.

9 – Let the Glass Shine

The glass should be the last to be cleaned, because it’s going to be rather dirty from all the previous steps. Try not to use a product with ammonia, because it could damage the upholstery, and because it has an unpleasant smell. Also, use a microfiber cloth, which cleans the best.

10 – Keep an Eye on Details

Make sure you get in every single crack of the car, and don’t miss an inch of it. Sure, it may be a bit tiresome and boring, but that’s the only way you can clea

I go to parties all the time but something new struck me at my most recent attendance and to be honest I really enjoyed myself. There was this amazing photo booth from OMG – photo booth hire London company and I pretty much spent most of my time, when I wasn’t dancing inside of it, pulling funny faces all the while. Since this sparked my interest ‘I thought I’d dig a little deeper and write a post about it.


The Latest Trend To Hit The Wedding Industry

Photo booths! Weddings aren’t just a celebrated day for the happy couple but they’re also a great way to meet new people or even see some you haven’t seen in a while. A good old catch up. And even better a fantastic way to join a family, holy matrimony at its best. Everyone loves a wedding so why not make it fun?

Sometimes a wedding can feel stiff, rehearsed and too formal. This isn’t the atmosphere that you want, especially when you’ve spent the last hour or two getting dolled-up. Guests only follow what the wedding agenda is, so no matter what they may want to do they could end up just sitting down for the whole evening/night.

So if you want your wedding to be a true celebration why not consider a photo booth for a little entertainment. With it recently becoming a trend in the wedding industry you’d be missing out if you didn’t try it.

Guest Book

Guest books are a lovely souvenir for a wedding couple. All those encouraging messages can be pretty emotional. If you’re the one writing the message however it can get pretty difficult, not only does writers block set in but also everyone is competing for the best message title. That’s where a photo booth comes in. Instead wedding guests can leave fun and wacky photos, and maybe the odd message if they feel like it.


With print outs given to guests and the hosts (the lovely wedding couple) it’s a great way to create memories that you can share with one and other. With alcohol introduced into the mix the photos can even be embarrassing, which makes them even funnier. As the happy married couple you can look through the photos and let nostalgia kick in. It truly will be a day to remember.


If nothing else photo booths are really fun! There’s something devious about hiding behind a curtain, trying to stuff everyone into a small box and taking photos. Add props and alcohol to the mix and its not just fun its hilarious.

If you aren’t convinced already take it personally from me, a photo booth is a great idea.

When a newborn is set to come in a home, everyone is a lot of nerves – dad, mom, sister, brother as well as the grandparents. Everyone is purchasing things for the newborn – a changing table, crib, baby wipes, diapers. Everything is being organized for this small bundle of happiness.

There is no question how thrilling the arrival of a newborn is to a family. And, it’s one topic that is discussed throughout the 9 months. Parents understand they will take photographs of their child after he/she comes into the world, upon birth at the house and everywhere they are able to get a great, unforgettable newborn photography at home.

That is why it is so essential to photographically ready yourself before the time is here. Take a look around… what do you reckon may be accomplished prior to the day of your child’s birth?


1 – Purchase a Smart phone

With regards to taking photos, your smart phone can be your good friend. Purchase an iPhone or some other mobile phone with a camera. Your mobile phone will be the best available camera you’ve got, because it’s going to enable you to take those daily experiences which you can instantly share with friends and family.

The only disadvantage is that the photo has low quality, particularly when in comparison to the DSLR or digital compact cameras. Nevertheless, you will get online connectivity and ease when you utilize your mobile phone to capture photographs. And, nearly all these types of pictures do very well as a 4×6 print photo.

2 – Purchase A DSLR

Certainly, there will be situations where you would like top quality photographs which mobile phone cameras simply can’t offer you. This is where you must commit some funds and purchase a DSLR. A lot of new parents purchase this item since they understand they’ll be taking a lot of pictures.

If you do not understand what a DSLR is, it is when the topic of your photo remains in focus however there is an unclear background. It furthermore facilitates when you want to capture low light photographs without using a flash.

If you are confused by this, do not worry a lot. Utilize the iPhone or a compact digital camera to take those very important photographs.

3 – Use A Back-up and Picture Organization Program

Regardless of the type of computer or camera you’ve got, you will require some kind of picture organization and back-up program to make sure you still have these important recollections in the event there’s a hard disk malfunction or your phone or camera gets misplaced.

What You Need To Take Photos Of Before The Newborn Moves In

Before your child comes into the world, think about taking photos of the room style. A lot of parents have a baby room put together for their child, including the baby’s crib (usually contains the sheets, bumper and overhead mobile). The area might even have a rocking chair, the changing table, toys, the diaper bin, and the outfits in the wardrobe or dresser cabinet are around the area, baby wipes, diapers, whatever.

Take photos of these things while they are untouched to remember afterwards how your life transformed when your child graced you with his/her birth. And, you can recall at the photographs of the clothes they once used and grew out of while they matured plus, if you recently tried male waxing from Drakes of London, you can remember how good you looked if you are in the picture with your newborn. It is the small things that help remind you.